Set Pieces

Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam

Krasj 4

curators Rik De Boe/Reinhard Doubrawa/Johan De Wilde

Garage Neven, Ninove (B)



objects trouvés - verloren voorwerpen

019/Jaques Charlier/Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek/Daniël Dewaele/

Goele De Bruyn/Thomas l'Anson/Bart Lodewijks/Hannah Mevis/Jeancy Nsumbu/

Chloë Op de Beeck/Leander Schönweger/Ingel Vaikla/Kris Van Dessel/

Stijn Van Dorpe/Benjamin Verhoeven

curator Bert Puype in collaboration with Nowhere Collective

Timmermansstraat 7, Bruges (B)

07/03/2020-29/03/2020 (cancelled before the end of the exhibition)

opening 07/03/2020 14h

molenmeers alice 1.jpg

detail of Sylvette, a video made by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek & Hans Demeulenaere



Cornerspace - Cornerplace

Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

CC De Schakel, Waregem (B)

28/02/2020-29/03/2020 (cancelled before the end of the exhibition)

opening 28/02/2020 20h


Never Relaxed, Never Relaxed, Never Relaxed

solo show

Galerie EL, Welle (B) 






project initiated by Henk Delabie with 

Leyla Aydoslu/Raphaël Buedts/Mario De Brabandere/Alice De Mont/Hans Demeulenaere/ Nicolás Lamas/Nadia Naveau/Filip Verreyke 


BAD fair, Floraliënhal Ghent (B) 


We Are What We Are N°0 The Poster Show

Joost Bos & Roy Terhorst/Maarten Derous/Lieselot Hoedt/Tjobo Kho/Ferre Marnef/

Pierre Martin Vielcazat & Hans Demeulenaere/Leroy Meyer/Amina Saâdi/Victor Sirot/

Joud Toamah/Carolina Valente Pinto/Lennart Van den Bossche/Margot Vanhassel/

Victor Van Wassenhove/Simon Van Weereld/Jolien Wallenus


curator Hans Demeulenaere

De Tank, Brugge (B)

15/03/2019 20h-23h


There is Nothing Connected, Nothing Distinct

Esther Venrooy & Hans Demeulenaere

Onomatopee, Eindhoven (N)


Élever Tout le Vieux Brol and Many More

And Many More

Krasj 4

curators Rik De Boe/Reinhard Doubrawa/Johan De Wilde

RTT-gebouw, Ninove (B)



Open Studio Rein Dufait


Rein Dufait with Hans Demeulenaere/John Wallbank/Maria Zahle


Biekorfstraat Loods G18, Oostende (B)


in collaboration with Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp (B) & Arcade Gallery, London (UK)

(Als) Tekens in de Ruimte 

with Joachim Coucke/Hans Demeulenaere/Erika Hock/Marc Nagtzaam/Regis Perray/

Sarah & Charles

curator Roxane Baeyens

Emergent, Veurne (B)


photography by Alexandra Colmenares Cossio

Borrowed Space 

Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam

Emergent, Veurne (B)


photography by Alexandra Colmenares Cossio

Tom, Jerry And Many More

Etcetara V

with Filip Anthonissen/Ruben Bellinkx/Leo Copers/Jason Dee/Deborah De Robertis/

Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy/Anna Godzina & Lin Gerritse/Lien Hüwels/

Siebert Mispelon & Ines Bodlovic/Mathias Mu & Stef Van Looveren/Tom, Jerry & Many More/ Bruce Nauman/Maria Lassnig/Clara Lissens/Emilio López-Menchero/Bence Rohánsky/

Yonas Seyoum/Janes Zeghers 

SMAK, Ghent (B)

16/11/2017 from 18h till 24h



Bottlenecks, Loops And Many More

Closing Event #02

019, Ghent (B)


Le Nouvel Observateur

with Karel Breugelmans/Koba De Meutter/Henk Delabie/Nikolaas Demoen/

Hans Demeulenaere/Paul Gees/Gauthier Oushoorn/Roeland Tweelinckx/John Van Oers/

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek/Adriaan Verwee/Dirk Zoete

curator Paul Gees

Hof ter Saksen, Beveren (B)


conversation (Dutch) between Dimitri Vangrunderbeek and Hans Demeulenaere for the publication made for Le Nouvel Observateur  (link to publication)

What We Can Use, What We Can’t Move

in collaboration with Raffaella Crispino

curators Laura Viale and Mariaelena Minuto
Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Brussels (B)

link to artviewer




5 Years IK


IK Foundation invited three young curators Melchior Jaspers, Nick Terra and Menno Vuister to compile an exhibition with works by all 24 guest artists who stayed at IK island since the start of IK in 2008.

Stichting IK, Vlissingen (N)




Furniture. Sculpture.

with Nel Aerts/Atelier Pica Pica/Hans Demeulenaere/Stefaan Dheedene/Pieter Engels/

gerlach en koop/Vedran Kopljar/Jacques Lizène/Erwan Mahéo/pelican avenue/

Helgi Thorsson/Dennis Tyfus/Michael Van den Abeele/Herman Van Ingelgem/

Elise Van Mourik/Frederik Van Simaey/Henk Visch/Leen Voet/Franz West


Hugo Voeten Art Center, Herentals (B) 


link to artviewer




You make a better door than you do a window

in collaboration with Emi Kodama


Beursschouwburg, Brussels (B) 




You make a better door than you do a window: a collection of rooms,

in a collaboration with Emi Kodama

Performance during Art’s Birthday


M HKA, Antwerp (B)



The Gathering of Characters and Forms - The Final Chapter

with Joachim Coucke/Hans Demeulenaere/Alice De Mont/Benjamin Verhoeven

curator Roxane Baeyens


link to artviewer



Politics of Installation

in collaboration with Bas van den Hurk

Loods 12, Wetteren (B)


P/////AKT, Amsterdam (N)

14/06/2015 – 12/07/2015



with Hans Demeulenaere/Marc Nagtzaam/Herman Van Ingelgem


Millington Marriott, London (UK) 




Some Objects, Eight Sculptures, Several Frames, One Video and a Book


Mu.ZEE, Oostende (B) 







Soft Fold

Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

in collaboration with Emergent

FRED&FERRY gallery, Antwerp (B)



Hans Demeulenaere

De Garage, Mechelen (B)






Promenade Circulaire

Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek


on view the first time during the exhibition Soft Fold at Fred&Ferry Gallery, Antwerp (B), on invitation by Emergent, Veurne (B)

limited edition of 40 copies + 5 AP

printed by Dunant Print

silkscreen printed cover

146 pages

design Leroy Meyer


photography by Tomas Uyttendaele






W hole

Hans Demeulenaere & Meryem Bayram


limited edition of 5

For years artists Meryem Bayram and Hans Demeulenaere have been working with the posibilities of space. ‘W hole’ is their first collaboration. Starting point was their shared fascination for objects and their relation to their environment. During a six week residency at Frans Masereel Centrum and a two week residency by Bayram at workspacebrussels, the artists collected various objects with holes, ranging from a chair to a piece of jute webbing. With the intention of bringing them together in an artist book, a whole.

Demeulenaere worked with 26 ‘punctured’ objects and their silhouettes. Experiments in the silk screen studio resulted in a play between figuration and abstraction common in his work. Demeulenaere likes to question our perception by isolating objects from their context. So does Bayram, albeit in a different ways. She researches the performative qualities of objects in motion and their relationship to human beings.
An artist book thus becomes the possible point of departure for a performance, an instrument or script that she or other artists can work with.

Originally it was Bayram and Demeulenaere’s intention to make a book together, but they quickly found that to be an uninteresting approach. It felt more natural to work on their own terms and then combine the results. The outcome is a beautiful artist edition in two parts.





An Idiot's End 

Hans Demeulenaere


will be presented a first time on the exhibition Never Relaxed, Never Relaxed, Never Relaxed at Galerie EL, Welle (B) 

limited edition of 30 copies

5 of the 30 copies will be part of the edition 'W hole', created in collaboration with Meryem Bayram

riso printing by Quintal Editions, Paris (F)

108 pages

design Pierre Martin Vielcazat & Hans Demeulenaere




There is Nothing Connected, Nothing Distinct

Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy


published on the occasion of the exhibition There is Nothing Connected, Nothing Distinct at Onomatopee

limited edition of 10 copies

37 pages

text Volkmar Mühleis

design Carolina Valente Pinto 




Borrowed Space

Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam


published on the occasion of the exhibition Borrowed Space at Emergent

edition of 300 copies

58 pages

design Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam





Minja in the Zoo

Hans Demeulenaere & Klaas Vanhee


a printed contribution on the occasion of the opening ‘Inside the Belly of Monstro’, a show by Minja Gu

edition of 250 copies

33 pages

text Hans Demeulenaere & Klaas Vanhee

drawings Klaas Vanhee

design Thomas Desmet





correctly placing a circle in a rectangle

Hans Demeulenaere


limited edition of 100 copies, first 20 copies include litho print

180 pages  

design Hans Demeulenaere
produced and printed by Frans Masereel Centre (B)

text by Anne-Marie Poels about the publication


Politics of Installation

Hans Demeulenaere & Bas van den Hurk


64 pages
with text in English by Alex Bacon, Angelique Campens and Laura Herman
with contributions of Koenraad Dedobbeleer and Lorelinde Verhees

design Marc Nagtzaam

Roma Publications 253




h/ up

Hans Demeulenaere


64 pages + insert 8 pages
with text in English and Dutch by Kris Kimpe

design Katrien Daemers,Hans Demeulenaere and Nikolaas Demoen

Posture Editions n° 11




8 interventies

Hans Demeulenaere


48 pages
with text in Dutch by Julie Rodeyns

design Studio Luc Derycke 

MER. Paper Kunsthalle