Élever Tout le Vieux Brol and Many More

And Many More

Élever Tout le Vieux Brol and Many More is the result of And Many More a collective formed by Hans Demeulenaere, Karel Verhoeven and Klaas Vanhee for the exhibition Krasj 4.

Their collaboration is rooted in a shared interest in music – be it a direct or an indirect one – and in particular in the way in which this interest is translated into a personal visual approach. In this new collaboration the collective makes sculptural work that uses and questions music and its visual language. 

The relationship between the three artists in the collective is based on the formation and the decision making process of a music band. All artistic decisions must be carried by the group, and individual choices may not be immediately obvious.

Their contributions include distributing a number of posters across the city without a clear link to the exhibition, but rather to the collective And Many More itself.