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Hans Demeulenaere/1974 Oostende (B)/ lives and works in Bruges (B)


Publications (selection)
Hans Demeulenaere & Raffaella Crispino. Incomplete Neighbor. 2023, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (N)

Hans Demeulenaere & Johan Van Geluwe. Het Kabinet van de Conservator // The Studio of the Artist. 2022, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere, Leroy Meyer & Samyra Moumouh. POMO, An (Un)Personal Story. 2021,  self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere & Kris Van Dessel. RUIL. 2021, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere. Sammlung. 2021, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek. Promenade Circulaire. 2021self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere. An Idiot's End. 2019, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy. There is Nothing Connected, Nothing Distinct. 2018, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam. Borrowed Space. 2018, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere & Klaas Vanhee. Minja in the Zoo. 2018, self-distributed

Hans Demeulenaere. Correctly Placing a Circle in a Rectangle. 2017, Frans Masereelcentrum: Kasterlee (B)
Hans Demeulenaere & Bas van der Hurk. Politics of Installation. 2015, Roma Publications: Amsterdam (N)
Hans Demeulenaere. h/up. 2014, posture editions: Ghent (B)
Hans Demeulenaere. 8 interventies. 2011, MER. Paper Kunsthalle: Ghent (B) 

Solo- and duo shows (selection)

2023 Incomplete Neighbor, Raffaella Crispino & Hans Demeulenaere, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (N)

2022 Het Kabinet van de Conservator // The Studio of the Artist, Johan van Geluwe & Hans Demeulenaere, Be-Part extra muros, Waregem (B)

2021 Doppelganger, De Garage, Mechelen (B)

2021 Soft Fold, Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Fred&Ferry Gallery, Antwerp (B)

2020 Cornerspace – Cornerplace, Hans Demeulenaere & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, De Schakel, Waregem (B)

2019 Never Relaxed, Never Relaxed, Never Relaxed, Gallerie EL, Welle (B)

2018 There is Nothing Connected, Nothing Distinct, Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (N)

2018 Borrowed Space, Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam, Emergent, Veurne (B)

2017 What We Can Use, What We Can’t Move, Hans Demeulenaere & Raffaella Crispino, Instituto Italilano di Cultura, Brussels (B)

2016 You make a better door than you do a window, Hans Demeulenaere & Emi Kodama, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (B)

2015 Politics of Installation, part 2, Hans Demeulenaere & Bas van den Hurk, P/////AKT, Amsterdam (N)
2015 Politics of Installation, part 1, Hans Demeulenaere & Bas van den Hurk, LOODS 12, Wetteren (B)

2014 Some Objects, Eight Sculptures, Several Frames, One Video and a Book, Mu.ZEE, Oostende (B)
2014 The Gathering Of Characters And Forms (Chapter I), DASH, Kortrijk (Be)

2013 Kabinet Devriendt, Lucas Devriendt in collaboration with Hans Demeulenaere, Dr Guislainmuseum, Ghent (B)
2013 A Never Ending Story (social intervention), Extra City, Antwerp (B)

2013 ...and a lot of reflection, Hans Demeulenaere with Kris Kimpe, Marc Nagtzaam & Esther Venrooy, Annie Gentils gallery, Antwerp (B)
2013 Several Possible Models for Dutch Design, Leo XIII, Tilburg (N)

2011 One Show About One Drawing, Hans Demeulenaere & Marc Nagtzaam, M museum, Leuven (B)

2010 Not Here... You Can Look Any Place..., Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy, Lokaal 01, Antwerp (B)
2010 Shifting Grounds, Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy, New Happy Festival of Flanders, Kortrijk (B)

2010 Moving the Furniture, Experimental Intermedia, Ghent (B)

2009 Figures, Doors and Passages, Galerie Perpétuel Frankfurt am Main (D)
2009 [IK], Stichting IK, Vlissingen (Nl)
2009 Blueprint #1, Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy, Vrijstaat O, Oostende (B)

2007 No Title but Layers, BUDAFEST, Hans Demeulenaere & Vania Rovisco, Kortrijk (B)

2006 Grundriss, Be-Part, Waregem (B)

Group shows (selection)

2022 Quartet, Poortersloge, Bruges (B)

2022 Parade, Radicale, the Bourg of Saint Cirq Lapopie (F)

2022 galerie — EL  // 20 YEARS - JAAR - ANS, Galerie EL, Welle (B)

2021 Rhapsody in Blue, Villa Zephyr, Westende (B)

2021 One way or another, SMAK, Ghent (B)

2020 objet trouvés - verloren voorwerpen, Bruges (B)

2018 Krasj 4, Ninove (B)

2018 Open Studio Rein Dufait, Oostende (B)

2018 (Als) Tekens in de Ruimte, Emergent, Veurne (B)

2017 Etcetera/Tom, Jerry And Many More, SMAK, Ghent (B)

2017 Bottlenecks, Loops And Many More, 019, Ghent (B)

2017 Le Nouvel Observateur, Hof Ter Saksen, Beveren (B)
2016 Coming All Toghether, Galerie Perpétuel, Frankfurt am Main (D)
2016 5 Years IK, Stichting IK, Vlissingen (N)
2016 Wake Up And Dream, Etage 22, Antwerp (B)
2016 Furniture. Sculpture., Art Center Hugo Voeten, Herentals (B)
2016 Sound of Silence, Festival van Vlaanderen, Broelmuseum
, Kortrijk (B)
2016 Words, words, words..., 252CC, Ekeren (B)
2016 The dark half moon is turquoise, Performance during The Image Generator II, Extra City, Antwerp (B)
2016 You make a better door than you do a window: a collection of rooms, Performance during Art’s Birthday, M HKA, Antwerp (B)

2016 You make a better door than you do a window: a collection of rooms, Working Title Situation #2, Kaaistudio, Brussels (B)

2015 The Gathering Of Characters And Forms/The Final Chapter, DASH@Hopstreet, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels (B)
2015 Be ALL AND END ALL, Millington Marriott, London (UK)
2015 Intersection/The Gathering Of Characters And Forms, Chapter III, DASH, Art Rotterdam (N)

2014 Encouters at the Boundary, CC, Puurs (B)
2014 Géographique, wpZimmer, Brussels(Be)
2014 Brique, Quartair, The Hague (Nl)

2014 The Gathering Of Characters And Forms, Chapter II, DASH, Kortrijk (B)

2014 blokjes, latten en andere dingen, galerie EL, Welle (B)

2013 Transformator, Transfo, Zwevegem (B)
2013 Poppositions, in collaboration with Whatspace, Brussels (B)

2012 Façades, Be-Part, Waregem (B)

2011 A groupshow, SECONDroom, Ghent (B)
2011 Tender Buttons - Becoming Gertrude Stein, Gallerie Kunst-Zicht, university Ghent (B)

2010 Playground, STUK, Leuven (B)
2010 Coup de Ville, WARP, St-Niklaas (B)

2009 Artists in Residence, Atelierfranfurt, Hans Demeulenaere & Esther Venrooy, Frankfurt am Main (De)

2008 Een Repliek..., Gallerie Kunst-Zicht, university Ghent (B)

2008 Playtime, Benedengalerie van De Kortrijkse Schouwburg, Kortrijk (B)


2019 Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee (B)

2017 Workspacebrussels, Brussels (B)

2016 Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee (B)
2015 Workspacebrussels, Brussels (B)

2012 Gastatelier Leo XIII, Tilburg (N)

2010 Lokaal 01, Antwerp (B)
2009 Kulturbunker, Frankfurt am Main (D)

2009 Stichting IK, Vlissingen (N)
2007 BUDA, Kortrijk (B)
2006 Be-Part, Waregem (B)

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