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Raffaella Crispino & Hans Demeulenaere 


On the occasion of the exhibition and the publication Incomplete Neighbor (Tel Aviv, IL) we made a new edition of 13 original fabrics.

Each fabric is unique, and are documented in the publication Incomplete Neighbor, published by Onomatopee (Eindhoven, N).

Per edition

€900 (no framing), VAT included,


€1350 (with framing by Mertens Frames, oiled walnut frame and art glass UV resistant), VAT included,

with a free copy of the publication Incomplete Neighbor.

A libretto (Italian for “booklet”) contains the text for musical theatre as well as drawings. 

In this work we created our own libretto based on “Ogni Giorno”, an album of thirteen songs composed and performed by Raffaella. Each piece is named with the date on which it was created. The songs were matched with colours from a colour system connected to the seasons developed by Japanese artist and designer Sanzo Wada.

We poured ink in the chosen colours on light cotton fabric. New colours and shapes formed when the fabric was folded in half and pressed. The result is a series of thirteen mirrored images that echo the inkblot tests of psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. We chose this technique out of a desire to include chance in their work.

(photography by Dieter Van Caneghem)


Otto Marzo (44-33 cm)

11 maart.jpeg

Undici Marzo (48-34 cm)


Ventiduo Marzo (50-37 cm)

26 maart.jpeg

Ventisei Marzo (43-38 cm)

Trenta Aprile (43-35 cm)

1-5 mei.jpeg

Primo Maggio (49-38 cm)

7 juni.jpeg

Sette Giugno (50-36 cm)

8 aug.jpeg

Otto Agosto (50-34 cm)

30 aug.jpeg

Trenta Agosto (45-33 cm)

31 augustus.jpeg

Trentuno Agosto (48-32 cm)

1-9 sept.jpeg

Primo Settembre (52-38 cm)

5-9 sept.jpeg

Cinque Settembre (42-30 cm)

16 nov.jpeg

Sedici Novembre (50-32 cm)



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