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You make a better door than you do a window

in collaboration with Emi Kodama


Beursschouwburg, Brussels (B) 

a small publication with a contribution of Hans Demeulenaere and Emi Kodama, and attached a text of Tom Van Imschoot.

Hans Demeulenaere

Living Room (installation view), 2016

Hans Demeulenaere - Emi Kodama,

I Hate When We Switch From Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, 2016



Emi Kodama, You Open the Door, I Open My Eyes, 2016

Hans Demeulenaere, Living Room (installation view), 2016


Hans Demeulenaere, Living Room (performance), 2016


Hans Demeulenaere, Behind, Before, Above, Between, Below, 2016



Emi Kodama, 

Sunday Afternoon, 2016



Hans Demeulenaere, 

Arrangement of Stones, 2016



Hans Demeulenaere, 

Arrangement of Ceramics and a Hole, 2016




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