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What We Can Use, What We Cant’t Move

in collaboration with Raffaella Crispino

curators Laura Viale and Mariaelena Minuto
Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Brussels (B)

photography by Alexandra Bertels



Hans Demeulenaere, Carlton, 2017

Hans Demeulenaere, What it Could Look Like if You Gave it Some Thought, 2017 



Raffaella Crispino, Costellazioni, 2017



Hans Demeulenaere, Prototipo Sperimentale, 2017 

Raffaella Crispino – Hans Demeulenaere

Een Onmogelijk Gesprek - Una conversazione impossibile, 2017

Raffaella Crispino, Untitled (Fruits and vegetables), 2017



Hans Demeulenaere, Tremor, 2017



Raffaella Crispino – Hans Demeulenaere,

Paper and Binder, 2017


Raffaella Crispino - Hans Demeulenaere, 

The Story of an Artist, and Another Artist, 2017 



Hans Demeulenaere,

What it Could Look Like if You Gave it Some Thought, 2017




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